ANCA and WALTER Grinders Maintenance Specialists

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About us

LogPartner was born from the growing need of the market for a differentiated service in the service of CNC's grinding machines, serving the most varied types of equipment and all the brands existing in the national market.
We work with a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field and who seek the most appropriate solutions to strengthen our customers' business more and more.

Machine Maintenance CNC´s Grinders

In order to improve our customers' production processes and to avoid wasting hours of downtime, LogPartner works with the best on the market in terms of maintenance on CNC's grinding machines and also in the area of complete retrofit in this segment.

Technical Adjustments

Verification of the necessary adjustments for the machine to work correctly, from a small electrical adjustment, such as adjustments of mechanical alignments. For this, our team is qualified to meet all needs in the best possible way, returning your machine to an optimal working condition, with only a few adjustments, when it is not necessary to change parts.


The geometric tests of machine tools are fundamental to guarantee the dimensional quality of the machined parts, as they allow to take various preventive and corrective actions to optimize the work accuracy of the machines, including the correction of errors by the CNC, which can improve your working accuracy beyond your mechanical limitations.


The idea of “Retrofit” is linked to the state of the machines' axes. Where we can resume production quality as if the machine were new. We at LogPartner want to work with the machines and equipment that your company already has, and working with a price more adjusted to this reality.

Electrical maintenance

We check all the electrical functioning of your machine, as often the machine does not work due to the lack of a signal, which can be caused either by a broken cable or by the poor condition of an electrical equipment. We are prepared to check and repair any faults that may exist in the machine, acting in the exchange of the equipment or adjustment and repair of the same.

ANCA and WALTER Grinders Maintenance Specialists

We have extensive experience in maintenance of CNC Grinders machines Anca and Walter. We are prepared to serve customers who have any model of machine, whether for preventive maintenance, adjustments or corrective maintenance.


Our partner / technical coordinator Ricardo Melloni has in its curriculum vast experience acquired over several projects, in several parts of the world. See some examples of our trajectory in the CNC machine maintenance market, always aiming at the satisfaction of our customers and the quick and effective solution of the problems encountered.

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